The tenth memorial day, 3.11

Today is the tenth memorial day, 3.11,  when a huge earthquake caused tsunami in the north-east Japan and attacked power stations on the seashore of Fukushima Prefecture: radiation problems continued quite a few years until local people were allowed to return home.  More than forty thousand people are still evacuated.

I happened to be in Kyoto, 300 miles away from Tokyo, when I felt the earthquake, and since then my hotel kept shaking all day and night long. The Shinkansen trains had been suspended, and so there was no other means to return to Tokyo.  In the following afternoon, I managed to return home, only to find my flat, particularly my kitchen, devastated by the succession of aftershocks. My wife was brave enough to travel from Nagoya to rescue the chaos in full devotion. It was the time when I proposed her to marry me.