100 Books Famous in Typography タイプグラフィーにすぐれた100点の本

Upcoming - The Grolier Club
The Grolier Club

The Grolier Club of New York will launch on Tuesday 11 May 2021 an exhibition called ‘100 Books Famous in Typography’ at the Exhibition Hall, and will run through 31 July 2021.

An online exhibition is in preparation.    In 1902, the Grolier Club mounted an exhibition entitled ‘One Hundred Books Famous in English Literature, which together with its accompanying catalogue was a tremendous success.

To this day ‘Grolier Hundred’ were referred to as epoc making works.

The present exhibits will include Gutenberg Bible, Aldus, Geoffrey Tory, Etienne, Joseph Moxon’s Mechanick Exercises, Baskerville, Updike’s Printing Types, etc.

In conjunction with the exhibition,  a fully illustrated catalogue designed by Jerry Kelly will be available. For further information contact Jennifer Sheehan, Exhibitions & Communications Manager (jsheehan@grolierclub.org).